How Does It Work:

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    Free, easy registration
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    Find SAP people and projects
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    Engage in real-time through the platform
  • 4
    Availery plants trees
  • FIND® talented, contract-ready, independent SAP experts

    Find and engage the consultants you need, with skills including:

    • SAP ABAP
    • SAP Analytics
    • SAP Ariba
    • SAP BPC
    • SAP Business Analyst
    • SAP Change Managers
    • SAP Cloud
    • SAP Concur
    • SAP Digital
    • SAP Development
    • SAP CRM
    • SAP EAM
    • SAP FICO
    • SAP Functional
    • SAP HANA
    • SAP HCM
    • SAP Hybris
    • SAP Integration
    • SAP Project Managers
    • SAP SCM
    • SAP SuccessFactors
    • SAP Technical
    • SAP Test Analysts

    Find by search parameters including:

    • Skills
    • Location
    • Industry experience
    • Security clearance
    • Availability
    • SAP Module & sub-modules
    • Qualifications
    • Experience

    What our clients say

    “For Companies”

    Smart business knows that projects get delivered, costs are saved and goals achieved when you have the right people on the job. The huge advantage of businesses who can find and build high performing SAP teams means that fast access to great SAP talent is more important than ever.

    Availery has taken down the barriers between people and projects, by completely re-imagining traditional sourcing methods : No recruitment agencies, no 30-day job boards posting (because honestly, who can wait that long?), no panels to manage or databases to maintain.

    Availery is a live booking platform. Literally. Find people and projects based on real-time availability, connect instantly, get as-it-happens updates, with a simple engagement workflow that will get you up, running, compliant and delivering in no time.

    “For Consultants”

    You’re a busy SAP professional. Availery can empower you to manage your own consulting career more strategically, as your own personal work scheduling tool on our direct booking platform. Take control of your information, set your work preferences, target rates and availability…and let employers come to you when it matches.

    The ability to FIND® and Be Found by direct-hirer companies means you can take direct bookings from clients in real-time, keep all your contracting collateral securely in the one place for any-time/anywhere access, have instant visibility of the status of all your applications and enjoy being free of follow-ups with automatic notifications every step of the way.

    Our 100% compliant back-office means you are completely covered for professional indemnity, public liability and workers comp insurance, PAYG/ABN payroll, service and admin fees – meaning you are all set to do what you do best, confident that an Availery engagement has you covered.

    Grow More Than Business & Careers

    What’s better than helping companies grow their business and helping SAP talent grow their careers? Growing a forest in the process!

    Availery uses the activity on the platform to fund the planting of real trees for every person, every project, every month. Engaging through Availery grows more than just business and careers, with the platform tied to habitat regeneration across Australia and New Zealand.

    Direct engagement through Availery saves you time, money….and the environment.


    • #Future-of-Work
    • SAP Talent OnDemand
    • Agile SAP workforce
    • Resourcing: Reimagined
    • Direct. Talent. Fast.
    • Powering SAP project delivery


    So how can improving the way SAP people and projects connect grow more than just business and careers?

    We believe that business should be a force for good, and if you agree then you're in the right place. Availery is green disruption, digital disruption and recruitment reimagined.

    Availery is about direct engagement: SAP people and SAP projects finding each other and engaging without the middleman, in real time, through a digital platform that plants trees for every profile and project. It's that easy.

    Availery is finding new SAP people and SAP projects like you would have to anyhow, but through gamification, with real trees. You are all helping strategically support ongoing habitat regeneration just by changing the way you find each other. Nice one.

    What do I need to register?
    • An ABN / NZBN
      As an independent SAP specialist, consider yourself your own mini-consultancy where you are Chief of Delivery. You’re not an employee of someone else’s business: you’re providing your skills and expertise as the product and service of your own business, so you’ll need an Australian Business Number (ABN**) or New Zealand Business Number (NZBN**) to comply with local legislation. Speak to your accountant about your personal tax and financial position.
    • SAP Skills / SAP Certification
      Availery is the dedicated marketplace for independent SAP specialists…so naturally, you need great SAP skills! Our clients come here for professionals, so achieving and uploading your SAP Certification demonstrates your aptitude as the industry benchmark of attained knowledge. It’s OK if you’re early in your career and still working on it, just be sure to represent your level of experience authentically, to find the right next-step for you.
    • Your current home base in Australia or New Zealand
      Availery is Australia/New Zealand focussed. We’re launching in other countries really soon and will have a neat way for global specialists to register interest in overseas opportunities. Stay tuned on this, but for now you must already be based here and not need work visa sponsorship.
    What does it cost?


    Availery is completely free for consultants to join our talent community.

    You get your own dashboard, use of our scheduling and direct booking tools, ability to accept engagements and contract through the platform, with online time-sheeting, and we even handle the billing and invoicing to clients for you - hassle free. You are completely covered for your full daily rate, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, payroll tax and contractor admin and management, including the billing and invoicing of clients and remitting of funds to your accounts.

    How is Availery different to mainstream job advertising websites?

    Availery is a live, direct-booking platform - employers find and engage you online, in real-time.

    We smart-match people’s SAP skills with employer’s SAP requirements. You have the power to accept client bookings online and manage your own work scheduling; backed by our 100% compliant cloud-based platform for all your contracting, insurance and payroll obligations.

    There’s no recruitment agencies here, only authentic opportunity with specialist consultancies and end-user companies.

    Employers enjoy uncapped posting of projects and being able to search directly for your real-time availability, makes this live-data platform faster and more effective than the generic pay-per-ad-&-wait recruitment sites.

    How is Availery different to social media networking websites?

    We are not Facebook or LinkedIn. Availery is to enable direct engagement in real-time. There's no click-bait, no made-up stories, no cats, maths problems or other newsfeed junk hindering your access to authentic opportunities.

    There's also no recruitment agencies posting phantom jobs to build their databases and no irrelevant sponsored content or product sales pitches to get in your way. And we don’t sell your data: to anyone, anywhere. Availery helps protects your privacy: you can only see projects, not see other people. No other random people can see or stalk your profile… only registered employers (and you can even choose to be hidden from companies you don’t want to see you on here!). This affords you much greater security and confidentiality when you are looking for your next project.

    I already have established contacts and clients

    Great! Bring them with you and you’ll all earn trees!

    Availery is where you can centrally update every employer in the one place, as they can see your live availability anytime they choose – even if you’re offline. It costs clients nothing to register, there are no extra recruitment agency margin layers and they can enjoy the confidence that you’re completely insurance risk and compliant covered. We also handle the invoicing for you, so you just need to do your timesheets and get on with your project.

    Where do my trees get planted?

    Availery partners with the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (in Australia) and Trees for Survival (in NZ). Trees are planted all over the country, in nature reserves on crown land – so they are fully protected from further risks of deforestation. Each state has a local agency that identifies and manages habitat regeneration projects. Your trees get planted in groups, so each project goes further than if it were just one tree alone.

    You can also enjoy the opportunity to come on a Planting Day yourself – connect to Availery on LinkedIn to see when these are coming up.

    Is my company eligible to register?

    If your company uses SAP to run the business, or provides SAP consulting, training, testing, technical or data services: congratulations! You are welcome to source independent SAP talent through Availery for your direct engagement.

    If you are a labour hire, recruitment agency or other form of third-party entity looking to on-bill consultants at margin, to act as an intermediary or referral service: unfortunately, Availery doesn’t cater to your model.

    If you’re unsure of your eligibility, drop us a line to check:

    What are the benefits of Availery?

    Availery is an empowerment tool for internal Talent Acquisition to reduce reliance on external recruitment agencies, as well as being an innovative shift from the pay-per-job-ad-&-wait-for-applicants mind-set. Your agile SAP workforce, gig economy, Future-of-Work, SAP talent OnDemand…it’s here.

    The Availery advantage means real-time access to a live talent community of qualified, independent SAP specialists, through a model that re-imagines recruitment as enablement: fill requirements faster, cheaper and more proactively than ever before.

    Availery puts people-power at your finger-tips: find and engage exactly who you need to get that project done, sort out a company pain-point, optimise that process and get your business back to business. Plus together, we Grow More Than Just Business & Careers. Engagements through the platform power habitat regeneration as Availery uses the activity here to plant real trees. This means your everyday SAP resourcing can be making a real difference outside the office, as well as in.

    What does it cost?

    Registration for employer companies is free.

    You can launch unlimited project requirements, as contract or permanent roles, with no advertising fees, no subscriptions, no lock-in contracts, no minimum spend, no upfront or ongoing member fees. Availery only charges an Engagement Fee when there is an active contract engagement or permanent placement.

    The Engagement Fee on contractors is *15%* of a consultants daily rate, which provides complete compliance and coverage for: all state payroll taxes, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, workers compensation, timesheet admin, billing/invoice and contractor management. Consultants joining you as permanent employees are referred at a one-off flat Engagement Fee of *$7k*… less if they are converting to employment from an active contract with you.

    How do we ascertain quality?
    • Be really clear about what you need: you might find the greatest musician in the world, but you won’t be happy if you were really after an astronaut. Availery’s smart-match functionality allows you to search for exactly the SAP modules and submodules you choose, or to relax the criteria for broader browsing. Launching specific requirements and setting clear expectations of scope help to match the most suitable consultants. And yes, you can upload Position Descriptions, in addition to the set SAP parameters.
    • Companies already interview people before engaging, and we encourage clear and open dialogue on both sides. You are welcome to put Availery applicants through your established interview processes – cultural, technical, psychometric etc – to comply with your companies quality protocols. If you’d like some help with interviewing, you can request a copy of suggested interview questions from or you can engage an SAP resourcing specialist through our preferred SAP Resourcing-as-a-Service vendor who can assist with professional level resourcing including interviewing and referencing.
    • SAP Certification is the industry benchmark for attained knowledge. Availery consultants have a dedicated “Briefcase” on their dashboard where they save all their certificates, qualifications and references for any-time access. Your consultant will be happy to email you copies of any documents you request.
    I’ve found a great consultant on Availery – now what?

    Awesome! Once you’re both happy, click “Engage”.

    You’ll get an instant pre-filled template with known details, so just enter the agreed rate, dates and any other particular info and click “Confirm.”

    Once your consultant accepts, you’ll both get the completed contract and our Customer Care people will be in touch really fast to set up time-sheeting and invoicing.

    When your consultant starts, they’ll enter timesheets for you to approve, Availery will invoice you, pay your contractor then go off and plant everyone some trees.

    I love my Availery contractor – can I keep them?

    Oh OK, we love a good happily ever after - you can keep your contractor. If the engagement is about to expire or you know well in advance, send an email with the new extension dates to and we’ll fix it up for you.

    If you’d like them to come on as a permanent employee (and they love you too), let us know: we’ll transition them over and bill a small, flat, release Engagement Fee based on how long you’ve already had them….no nasty 20% agency placement fees here!

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