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What Does It Cost?
Availery’s SaaS model can save you a fortune…and a forest.
It’s not free, because neither are you. It’s not for everyone, we’re for SAP professionals who prefer to make and take direct client bookings. Your Availery membership plants real trees, for every person, every project, every month, all year round. Even when you’re on contract.
Our flat monthly membership subscription enables authentic direct engagement:
From $30/month
No losing $100’s per day to agencies
No lost revenue to third parties
No hidden management fees
From $600/month
No pay-per-job advertising expenses
No referral or commission costs
No permanent placement fees
Independent SAP specialists own personal work scheduling tool
FIND® & Be Found
FIND® projects yourself ... or let employers FIND® & come to you direct through Availery: the smart-match digital platform.
Make a difference outside the office, as well as in: Earn a real tree planted on your behalf for every profile, every project.
Engage Direct
With nothing between you & the hiring manager, Availery has no agencies, or middleman, & charges no margins or commissions.
Manage Your Schedule
Get strategic: share your availability with employers, take bookings well in advance, get ahead of the pack & minimise downtime between projects.
Live Updates
See real-time visibility & updates on application status: never have to chase up outcomes again.
Talent Сommunity
Be part of the innovative SAP talent community growing more than just business & careers, using digital disruption to smart-match people & projects, for direct engagement, in real time.
About Us
Availery is a social enterprise where SAP resourcing meets sustainable procurement.
Availery solves two of the most common problems faced by SAP consultancies and end-users:

- How to find and engage SAP talent directly?
- How to embed sustainable practices into everyday business?

We do this … by using each problem to solve the other.

First, we reimagine recruitment as enablement: our digital platform smart-matches people with projects, removes the expense of the middleman with authentic direct engagement and improves the SAP resourcing experience with automatic, real-time status updates. As a direct booking platform, you can FIND & Be Found , with no middleman, no margins, no commissions, no placement fees. We’re digital disruption for SAP recruitment.

Second, we use the engine of activity in this vibrant SAP industry of ours, to  Grow More Than Just Business & Careers . Availery is a social enterprise: we’re driven by environmental sustainability through green disruption. Availery links the growth of your business or career, to the growth of natural habitat, planting real trees on your behalf for:
Earn tree stickers on your profile, for every real tree planted on your behalf:
Get your first tree planted simply for signing up with either a ‘People’ or ‘Project’ profile
Start having trees planted for every project engagement you do through Availery
Graduate to a ‘Forest’ icon for every ten trees and keep the growth growing
So how can improving the way SAP people and projects connect grow more than just business and careers?

We believe that business should be a force for good, and if you agree then you're in the right place. Availery is green disruption, digital disruption and recruitment reimagined.

Availery is about direct engagement: SAP people and SAP projects finding each other and engaging without the middleman, in real time, through a digital platform that plants trees for every profile and project. It's that easy.

Availery is finding new SAP people and SAP projects like you would have to anyhow, but through gamification, with real trees. You are all helping strategically support ongoing habitat regeneration just by changing the way you find each other. Nice one.

Is my membership tax deductable?

Your accountant can confirm specific to your circumstances, but our accountant said small businesses with an ABN and <$2mil turnover should be able claim for operational business expenses like marketing of services, even being able to claim for full annual subscriptions in the current financial year, as tax returns for small business is done on a cash basis (ie. Claimed when physically paid or received).

Why is Availery a paid as-a-service subscription, when recruitment agencies are free?

Recruitment agencies keep an average of 15% of a project roles daily rate budget, which is often thousands of dollars in lost revenue for you over the term of a contract. In some cases, you would make back a yearly subscription in just one day of direct engagement, as well as earning those trees being planted in your honour.

Does Availery keep a percentage of my daily rate?

No. Our community is for people who want to grow more than just business and careers, through direct engagement between people and projects. There is also no clutter, no advertising, no selling of your info, no margins from your rate or placement fees to employers. We've all heard it said: if you're not paying for the product, you are the product!

Don't companies have their own database of applicants they can find me through?

There are 120+ SAP Partner companies registered in Australia and countless end-user firms. That is a LOT of databases to register with and keep updated on your availability and skills. And no, not all of them even have their own databases, while many of those that do have no way to track your availability or preferences, and no way to share visibility of your application status with you. This platform is to save you time connecting with employers: make it easier for them to find you when you are ready to be found, all in the one place. It's also to save them time and money finding you fast, rather than each company spending redundant effort building 100's of silo databases that will never be up-to-date.

Can I contact companies directly when I see an opportunity that suits? I know the manager /I've worked there before?

We use the activity on the site to plant the trees, that's why you get a badge for every tree earnt. Better to respect their process: applying through Availery tags you to their open project role so they can track and update applicants centrally. Applying outside the process will make more work for them and possibly less work for you. Also....there's no point: no-one is taking a cut of your rate, you bill directly, so approaching firms outside their Availery portal is not profiting you or them in any way, or earning a tree, only complicating a process designed to be simple.

When can I start?

Now. We've gone with a soft launch as there are thousands of existing people and project profiles to migrate over from our old system to this new digital platform - we'll be doing this gradually over 2019. More and more projects and people will be coming on live over the next few months, so get on-board. We love early adopters.
How is Availery different to mainstream job advertising websites?

Availery is for growing more than just business and careers. The activity here is directly linked to the growth of natural habitat.

We're also IT specific and come from SAP: our smart-matching is specifically designed to match real skills with detailed requirements, which takes the hard work out of searching.

Employers enjoy uncapped posting of projects and being able to search directly for your real-time availability, makes this live-data platform faster and more effective than the generic pay-per-ad-&-wait recruitment sites.

How is Availery different to social media networking websites?

We are not Facebook or LinkedIn. Availery is for people and projects looking for direct engagement in real-time. There's no click-bait, no Facebook posts, cats, maths problems or other newsfeed junk hindering your view of authentic opportunities. There's also no recruitment agencies posting phantom jobs to build their databases and no irrelevant sponsored content or product sales pitches to get in your way.

It's also protects your privacy: you can only see projects, not see other people. No other people can see or stalk your profile, only employer projects can see you. This affords you much greater security and confidentiality when you are looking for work.

It's also a bit of a statement. We believe that business should be a driver of change. Availery connects you with like-minded employers who are working on their own forests, simply by improving the way they choose to find you.

It's the smart way to find and be found, growing more than just business and careers.

I've found a job, do I delete my profile?

No, just change your availability to 'busy' and status to 'not looking'. Availery projects needing your skills will see that you're off the market and know not to call and disturb you. It will also save you crafting another profile when you may be coming back onto the market.

Future releases of Availery will have a career tracking feature, so building up history and current engagements now will make for better analytics in future. You're also contributing to the health of the community by remaining part of it, and can still come along to tree planting days even if you're not actively looking for work.
What does our monthly or annual subscription cover?

Everything. Unlimited projects, unlimited searching, unlimited contacting, unlimited direct engagement. Plus all functionality: SAP-specific smart-matching, project management views of real-time market availability, automatic updating of every applicant, etc.

Plus all those trees planted for every single project.

No extra margins, no placement fees, no advertising fees.

This seems too good to be true....

Thank-you. That's what we think too. We wanted to be an enabling platform. We come from years of experience as SAP resource managers, having used just about every resourcing product on the market. This is our own dream platform. We're delighted to welcome you.

Who can see our advertised positions?

Only registered people with live public profiles. Your projects will not show up through internet search engines, our home page or affiliated sites. Even if you share the project URL on other pages or social media boards, registered people will need to login to see details.

Recruitment agencies are not on Availery - they won't see your project advertisement then ring up trying to sell you people. Part of our T&C's specifically state that this platform is only for direct engagement between people and projects: with no third parties, recruitment agencies or other intermediary vendors.

Now that you are using Availery, you can finally redirect all that recruitment expense to other more value-adding initiatives, and confidently be able to explain there is no longer budget for external services.

Hello and yes, sorry about that. There are a few reasons:

  • Agency-land is already very well catered for by the likes of online pay-per-ad job boards and social media talent solution packages. So much so, that feedback from our clients included the frustration that when they were trying to hire directly, their job ad's disappeared in a sea of agency ads, making it harder to facilitate direct engagement even when they were trying to source direct. In todays economy of multi-channel talent procurement, we saw the need for a direct engagement platform to ensure employers have all avenues of talent acquisition at their convenience.

  • Consultants also voiced preference for dealing direct. Part of our market research when building the platform showed significant interest in applying directly for projects, without having to go through any type of middleman. There was also a significant trend in consultants increasingly wanting better control of their information, applications and work schedules. Fusing these together made for a direct engagement platform which provided personal job application management and work scheduling: a new, alternate tool to support people finding the employment they need, managing their own data in the process.

  • Digital is providing opportunity to disrupt stagnant business and industry, and at the same time, the need for the recruitment sector to reinvent itself is widely acknowledged. We hope to inspire change in rec-tech, as well as operational talent business process. In our case, its promoting direct engagement for cost saving, speed and quality, while redirecting excessive recruitment spend towards external habitat regeneration and internal business initiatives like R&D, other CSR programs, staff training, better facilitates, etc. As an industry so connected to people and enterprise, we hope recruitment as a whole uses that incredibly unique position to evolve for good. So rather than using Availery to just keep doing what you’re doing: change your ways. Go change the world.
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