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Privacy Policy


Availery Pty Ltd (ACN 613 376 926) is bound by the Privacy Act. As data driven business born in the IT sector in the age of the digital economy – we strongly support and are wholly committed to the responsible, ethical and secure collection, management and security of data: specifically that of your personal information.

You can find our full privacy policy below, and in summary it states that;

  • We store and protect all information in a secure, encrypted database
  • Control over your people profile being public or private is in your control
  • Projects profiles and opportunities can only be seen by signed-in members
  • We will never sell or share your details with anyone: human, commercial or otherwise
  • We securely process your billing details
  • We fully comply with the Privacy Act (1988)

Collection of your personal information

Availery collects your personal information in order to perform our business activities. These include:

  • Hosting your personal information as a user profile of the platform
  • Sharing your personal information with potential employers in line with your set preferences
  • Communicating with you such as for services, billing, site features and news
  • Internal analytics and reporting on uses of our services
  • Using personal information anonymously to inform market indicators such as average rates
  • Disclosing your personal information to our partners and clients
  • Sharing information on relevant industry news and events
  • Complying with any legal instruction on the provision of your personal information to government, legal or law enforcement bodies as required

Availery may collect your personal information from third party sources such as industry events, social media, publicly available sources, staff contacts or other CRM systems. This information then becomes part of your profile which you have full ability to access, edit, maintain, change, delete or use in accordance with your own set preferences and personal choices.

You can access your profile at any time. You can edit your profile at any time. You can change the permissions of who can see your profile at any time. You can opt in or out of communications at any time. If you need help or have queries on the management of your profile or personal information you are welcome to contact us at either hello@availery.com or support@availery.com

Legal Compliance

Availery Pty Limited ACN 613 376 926 is bound by the Privacy Act and is wholly committed to managing your personal information in line with Australia’s privacy laws. The primary collection of your personal information occurs through your registration and use of the site, when we contact you, when you contact us, through online forms, authorisation of industry events to share your information or through partner or social media networks.

We collect, manage, share and secure personal information in direct performance of our core business. We do not sell information, swap information or use information for commercial gain outside of our primary business operations as a subscription based model for direct engagement between the people of the market and the projects of direct hirer companies.

We do not externally share information outside the preferences set by individual users, unless:

  • You have consented
  • We are instructed to do so by legal agency, body or law enforcement office
  • Doing so would mitigate a serious threat to the life and wellbeing on a person

Use and disclosure

Availery collects personal information related to employment services and other business activities. Some typical applications of information use and disclosure include:

  • Communication - Availery will communicate updates, news and information we believe relevant.This may be via email, phone, sms or other mediums of communication.
  • Recruitment Services – Availery collects your information to share with potential employers in line with your selected preferences.
  • Marketing – Availery may use your information in line with our business development initiatives, which may include sending you invitations for events, surveys, meetings; or advising of new functionality, membership options; or to advise of volunteer or industry news and information from our partners. You may at any time ‘opt out’ from receiving marketing materials from us by following the unsubscribe instructions included in each communication you may receive, by indicating so when Availery contacts you, or by contacting us directly.
  • Website – Availery may feature your company logo or personal picture with basic, non-contact information, on a scrolling banner on the home page.

Personal Access and Control

You can access your personal information through your profile and retain the authority to edit, change or maintain your details through either a paid (public) or unpaid (private) account. If you need help or have queries on the management of your profile or personal information you are welcome to contact us at either hello@availery.com or support@availery .com . You can opt out of electronic communication at any time by using the ‘unsubscribe’ options provided.

If you choose not to provide personal information your utility of the site may be compromised through reduced effectiveness and/or we may not be able to share relevant news and opportunities with you. Availery does not collect sensitive or political information, nor do we collect information on traits that may be used to discriminate, ie, race, religion, political persuasion, medical history, etc.

Data Types, Collection and Security

Availery typically collects personal information related to the names, contact details, employment history, skills, qualifications, industry experience, and preference on work locations, rates, work types and project availability.

This information is collected from the primary source of your direct input and/or secondary source of publicly available information, authorised industry events, network contacts, referees or social media channels.

Availery stores personal information in hosted, data encrypted servers, taking steps to protect and secure information against corruption, loss, theft and other mis-use.

Cookies, Metadata and Platform Activity

A cookie is software on your computer which helps us identify you through your browser. You can activate, stop them being used or delete them through the setting on your browser, thought this may influence the functionality of the site you can access.

We may also use cookies to monitor how people are using of our platform, in order to inform future initiative, such as enhancements, functionality and marketing activities.

Third party web sites

The Availery website may provide links to third party websites, such as client websites, social media links or other external service providers. Availery does not extend our privacy policy to those such sites and recommends you familiarise yourself with the individual policies of those third party sites.