CASE STUDY: Smart-Start


InsideSAP is the premier independent news site for the local SAP software industry. With 1000’s of subscribers to the website and weekly newsletters, InsideSAPs readers are a wide variety of SAP software consultants, SAP workers, SAP contractors, SAP consulting companies, business who use SAP software and all the SAP-related players and industry-enablers in this niche eco-system.

With such a specific industry-sector focus (and mainstream job boards being too generic for such a specialisation), InsideSAP wanted to help the employers and employees within their community find each other.

Wanting something cooler than just a post-&-pray jobs board: InsideSAP implemented an Availery Smart-Match platform, making it free for workers, with the choice for employers of subscribing for unlimited hiring or paying a small margin on each worker.

The simple two step process involved:

  1. InsideSAP added a “Careers” tab to their home page (which directed to Availery’s secure, encrypted, AWS-hosted environment)
  2. Availery customised a Smart-Match solution to make it SAP-software specific from the software skills, certification types, industries, security clearances, project types, rate ranges, role levels, etc, etc. We also helped with promotional videos, marketing material and campaign content.

On launch: 100’s and 100’s of InsideSAP readers and new market customers registered for the talent platform, where employers can now smart-match to SAP-specialist resources in real-time, viewing current and forward availability, accessing CVs, contacting candidates directly and slashing the normal talent-finding recruitment process from weeks to mere minutes.

Click the “SAP Consultants” tab on their menu bar to see how they’ve positioned the service:

InsideSAP readers were coming to the site for news, but leaving to find work. Now, those same members are enjoying a broader service, which is bringing new customers to the site, enabling new connection, getting people back into work faster, projects happening sooner …. and growing trees for every person, every project, every month

Watch the demo:

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