AVAILERY 2022: Good Business



Working with Availery means supporting a fully Australian owned, based and built business, who in turns supports the broader Australian environment in everything we do.

We’re paperless, carbon-neutral, even a licensed partner of the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. Our solutions move our clients (and our clients’ clients) off paper-based engagements and onto real-time digital contracts through smarter, innovate platforms. Our talent tech reduces the time-to-hire from weeks or months to mere moments, freeing up all that time and effort for more efficient initiatives. Our tech-stack solutions cut through the fog, to get you a clear set of tools without the noise, barriers or bills that come standard with everything else.

We’re helping industries tackle the talent shortage by using smart-tech to better find and connect people with opportunities within their own communities. We’re turning readerships and member databases into the talent pools that will fuel their own industries into the future.

It’s a mind-shift.

How many people here have got random candidates applying to an expensive job ad and had to read through every single one to find a remotely suitable match, or themselves searched for a new role only to read a Position Description that says absolutely nothing useful about what the role actually does? Everyone? Yes, everyone.

The digital age means we can think beyond the text-box of yester-years newspaper job vacancies…and to start using data-driven solutions to smart-match people’s actual skills and experiences with what employers and industries actually need, when and where.

We’re not just a fancy job board. We’ve reimagined that, to be smarter about how niche industries can leverage the existing hubs and communities within.

If there was an Institute of Fairy Floss Artists…. and a business really needed a Fairy Floss Artist… should the business:

  1. Pay to advertise this very specialist role on a generic job board and hope someone keys in the exact key word combination they used, OR;
  2. Smart-match directly to an Institute of Fair Floss Artists member…because this is where Fairy Floss Artists are all already registered?

It’s #2, right? But so far, the challenge has been that Institutes, Associations, Publishers and members-based organisations are already busy serving their members, and building smart-tech like this is a long, complicated, winding road (trust us on that one!). So they bang up a basic jobs board, a few people use it, everyone goes back to watching webinars and reminiscing about in-person events.

When people are coming to you for industry-specific news, services and information: it’s a shame to then lose them to generic job boards, who aren’t doing a great job of matching specialist skills anyhow.

With the shifts to digital services and general tech-literacy improving at lightning speeds: the view from here is that a little Australian start-up can help businesses better serve their members and industries by being the cool digital version of a bridge that connects them.

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